Catalytic helps people, bots, and AI get work done better.

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    Streamline workflow

    Keep everyone in the loop, and master those hand-offs! Let us handle the reminders, data collection, and follow-ups.

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    Automate mundane tasks

    Automate over 100 common tasks such as working with spreadsheets, filling out forms, and collecting signatures.

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    Connect to your systems

    Stop the system shuffle and double data entry. Let Catalytic look up and enter data from many common business systems and APIs.


Our platform is built for the business user. Our Actions Framework provides business users with hundreds of pre-built actions that they can assemble into complex automations.


Catalytic is built from the ground up as a SaaS platform that is fast to implement, less expensive to maintain, and focused on enhancing how people, bots and AI work together.


We built Catalytic with AI in mind, and as a result, have made some fundamentally different design decisions. We use AI within the application, to automate cognitive actions, and to help with continuous improvement.


Free up your people!

Let your people move on to more meaningful work. Getting started is fast and easy. See results within days or weeks. So what are you waiting for?

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