Automation for everyone! For real.

We combine the power of many tools used by developers and IT into an easy-to-use Actions framework that almost anyone can use to quickly deliver gains in efficiency, quality, and accuracy.

Automate complex workflows

Digitize every aspect of your workflow from work prompts to forms to reminders, and let Catalytic guide your team, bots, and systems through your processes.

Automate files and systems

Automate interactions with common business files such as Word, Excel, PDFs, CSV, XML, JSON as well as interactions with web-based systems such as Salesforce, Dropbox, and Workday.

More Integrations

Automate decision making and other cognitive tasks

Easily add cognitive actions to a workflow such as sentiment analysis, OCR, and entity recognition as well as use machine learning for prediction, classification, and constant process improvement.

Work done better here.

  • Human resources

    Employee onboarding

    Catalytic can automate your onboarding workflow, ensuring critical steps are completed in a timely manner and the new hire is communicated with regularly along the way.

  • Customer service

    Support ticket routing

    Catalytic can read incoming communications and by scanning for specific keywords or running a sentiment analysis, can then route that to the appropriate team or area for follow-up.

  • Sales

    Contract facilitation

    Catalytic can collect company and executive information, fill out the NDA, send it out for e-signature and then upload the executed document to a company Box or Dropbox folder.

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  • Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

    We understand security is of utmost concern. That’s why we include multiple layers of security within the product and our own processes. We run SOC 2 audits and third party security audits.

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