Get a jump start from this curated list of templates.

These were built to:

  • Require minimal effort for customization
  • Be used as a reference for configuring specific tasks and workflows
  • Serve as a resource for best practices in template creation
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Customer Service Sentiment-based Ticket Routing

Catalytic detects the emotion of a customer request and uses that to route the request to a customer service rep or escalate it to the supervisor.  Once the ticket has been resolved, Catalytic sends an email to confirm with the customer and obtain feedback.


Employee Onboarding

Beginning with the execution of the employment offer letter and ending on the first day of employment. It includes, but isn’t limited to: setting up an email account, ordering hardware and office supplies, preparing business cards, preparing and signing of employment forms as well as first day logistics.


Invoice Approval

An invoice will be sent for approval, sent to processing (if approved) and the customer will be notified of the confirmation or denial of payment.


VC Deal Flow

A company can apply for an investment opportunity through your website and the application will be immediately sent for an initial review.  If rejected, the company will receive an automatic email notification.  If approved, it will go to the next stage of the review process.  If you want to keep an eye on the company for future growth, you can choose to receive a reminder every 8 weeks, for as long as you like, to check in on the company status.


Webform Request – Analysis & Approval

Catalytic will review the request to determine the emotion and language of the requestor and search for any public online information related to their email account (ex. name, Facebook, Twitter, employment information, websites, etc.).  All information gathered will be sent to the approver for review.  Based on the approval decision, the request will continue to be routed to the next appropriate task.