Get a jump start from this curated list of templates.

These were built to:

  • Require minimal effort for customization
  • Be used as a reference for configuring specific tasks and workflows
  • Serve as a resource for best practices in template creation

Select the template of your choice below to add to your Catalytic team.  Looking for a process that you don’t see listed below?  We are always looking for new ideas, please let us know what you would like, and we will notify you once we have a template available.


Customer Service

Customer Service Sentiment-based Ticket Routing
Catalytic detects the emotion of a customer request and uses that to route the request to a customer service rep or escalate it to the supervisor.  Once the ticket has been resolved, Catalytic sends an email to confirm with the customer and obtain feedback.
Keyword-based Automatic Routing
Catalytic will read incoming communications, and by scanning for specific keywords, will trigger a targeted, automated response back to the customer.
Customer Information Updates
Catalytic collects new contact or account information for customers and automatically keeps it updated across multiple systems.


Invoice Approval
An invoice will be sent for approval, sent to processing (if approved) and the customer will be notified of the confirmation or denial of payment.
Month-end Financial Analysis
For static or dynamic thresholds within month-end reporting, Catalytic can review your financial reports to identify red flags and send notification to the necessary parties.
Quarterly Financial Reporting
Catalytic will pull data from relevant systems, compile it in a spreadsheet and send to each stakeholder across the company.

General Use

Contract Creation & Signature
Workflow for populating a MS Word doc with data from a webform, converting to PDF, sending for signature and uploading to a shared drive (Dropbox, Box or Sharepoint).
Copy a Process Template
Tool to create a copy of any Process Template within your Catalytic team.
Habit Maker
Receive periodic reminders through Catalytic to help build a new habit.
Legal Contract Review
Catalytic will seamlessly guide you the legal review process for a variety of contract types; including internal and external templates, single and countersignatures, and monitoring of the contract end date, if applicable. SMS notifications can be sent for urgent matters and optional uploading of the executed version to a company Box, Dropbox or Sharepoint folder.
Meeting/Event Coordination
Catalytic will coordinate the preparation, agenda, action items and attendee feedback following a meeting or event.
MS Excel File Merge
Workflow to extract data from multiple MS Excel files in various formats and consolidate to a single template.
Project Management
By providing basic information on your project, Catalytic will serve as project manager; guiding team members through the project, tracking and reporting on milestones, budget vs actual and any other success metrics you choose to define.
Webform Request – Analysis & Approval
Catalytic will review the request to determine the emotion and language of the requestor and search for any public online information related to their email account (ex. name, Facebook, Twitter, employment information, websites, etc.).  All information gathered will be sent to the approver for review.  Based on the approval decision, the request will continue to be routed to the next appropriate task.

Human Resources

Candidate Interviewing
Beginning with the initial candidate phone screen and ending with a final decision on whether to move forward with an offer.  This process includes scheduling of interviews, compiling ratings, a debrief on the candidate and reference checks.
Employee Offboarding
Catalytic will guide you through the various step to ensure a smooth offboarding process: creating and sending a separation agreement, conducting an exit interview, collecting hardware, removing access from various systems and notifying the necessary internal and external parties.
Employee Onboarding
Beginning with the execution of the employment offer letter and ending on the first day of employment. It includes, but isn’t limited to: setting up an email account, ordering hardware and office supplies, preparing business cards, preparing and signing of employment forms as well as first day logistics.
Employee Performance Reviews
On a regularly scheduled basis, Catalytic will send out 360 performance review forms, compile results, share with the reviewee and coordinate a meeting to review.
Employee Vacation Approval
An employee sends a vacation request via webform. The request is sent to HR to check against the employee’s PTO balance and then to their manager for final approval. Comments are carried through the process, as needed, and the employee is immediately notified of denial or approval.
Job Requisition Approval
A request is sent through Catalytic to the department head for approval. If denied, the requestor receives an email notification of the denial. If approved, the request is routed to HR for a final approval and creation of job postings.>

Industry Specific

VC Deal Flow
A company can apply for an investment opportunity through your website and the application will be immediately sent for an initial review.  If rejected, the company will receive an automatic email notification.  If approved, it will go to the next stage of the review process.  If you want to keep an eye on the company for future growth, you can choose to receive a reminder every 8 weeks, for as long as you like, to check in on the company status.
Medical Billing
Catalytic will process the incoming insurance reports and manage the patient invoicing.
Insurance Claims
Catalytic will search for any public online information related to the claimant’s email account (ex. name, Facebook, Twitter, employment information, websites, etc.) and scan the claim details to help highlight the necessary items and expedite the review process.


GitHub Bug Triage
Obtain all necessary information to identify the appropriate repo, automatically add labels and submit the issue within Github.
Provide System Access
Ensures new users get access to all the right systems in the right order before their first day on the job.
Update Certificates

Scheduled triggers to follow up on and execute many of the steps to renew software security certificates before they expire.



Business Continuity Plan Activation
With a few pieces of information, Catalytic will send out SMS messages and emails to share alternate work locations and confirm safety of all employees in the event of an office or general emergency situation.
Quarterly Reporting
Catalytic will pull information from your key systems and spreadsheets, compile it into a report and then it send out to company leadership prior to the meeting.
Vendor Scorecard Management
Catalytic will automate your entire vendor performance review process, from sending the scorecards to capturing improvement plans.


Lead Qualification
Catalytic will create a new opportunity in Salesforce and perform an in-depth lookup of a contact or company, providing sales reps with critical information about the viability of the lead before any contact is made.
Notification of Open Items in Salesforce
On a regularly scheduled basis, Catalytic will pull a report from Salesforce on open items and send a summary via email notification to all salespeople.
Sales Handoffs

Automates and standardizes the hand-off process between sales and account executives and customer service teams, ensuring a smooth transition.