1. Faster, efficient and more visible issue logging and resolution.
  2. Consistent, accurate and up to date customer information across multiple systems.
  3. A happier team that gets to spend more time on what’s most important – your customers.
  • Microsoft Outlook

    Catalytic can move emails from one folder to another, such as a shared folder, for improved organization.

  • Jira

    Catalytic can generate a new Jira issue, as well as trigger a new process when a new issue is created in Jira, ensuring customer issues are taken care of swiftly and efficiently.

  • Zendesk

    Catalytic can generate, read and update support tickets, helping to manage and maintain loyal customer relationships.

  • Salesforce

    Catalytic can notify users when new deals are added or changed. It can also create deals and add new contact information, alleviating customer facing teams from the tactical aspect of relationship management.

Use cases

  • Intelligent routing based on sentiment or keywords

    Catalytic can read incoming communications and by scanning for specific keywords or running a sentiment analysis, route that to the appropriate team or area for follow-up.

  • Providing automatic responses based on keywords

    Catalytic can read incoming communications, and by scanning for specific keywords, can trigger a targeted, automated response back to the customer.

  • Updating customer information across systems

    Catalytic can collect new contact or account information for customers and automatically keep it updated across multiple systems.

Case Study

Issue Handling for a Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

Old Process

Previously, the company was using a generic web form to collect data on issues, which would then enter tickets into JIRA. Tickets came in incomplete and unassigned. The manual ticket assignment process then happened outside of JIRA; it typically took upwards of two weeks, requiring five or more emails between teams to get things settled, which often resulted in lost or late tickets.

New Process

Catalytic collects information on the issue and team up front to assign the ticket automatically. Work is picked up dynamically by team members who have spare time, and reassignment functions allow for quick work allocation and transparency into where tickets are. Once this quick assignment process is complete, the JIRA ticket is automatically entered – and already assigned – so tickets get worked on faster and never get lost.

Benefits gained

Needless emails between groups has been removed and the time it takes to start working on issues has gone from weeks to days. Required fields functions make sure the team gets all needed information up front. Catalytic has also improved visibility into the status of tickets, and provided more accurate resource tracking.