1. Easy connections to the systems that house your orders and invoices.
  2. Simple, fast financial reporting that can be automated to run on a consistent basis.
  3. A team that gets to spend less time gathering data and more time analyzing it.
  • Google Drive

    To eliminate manual data entry, Catalytic can add new information to a Google Sheet’s row based on material provided.

  • Dropbox

    Catalytic can create, edit and then upload documentation to designated shared team folders to ensure proper visibility across the organization.

  • Netsuite

    Catalytic can look up, create and edit customer and account information inside Netsuite.

Use cases

  • Month end close

    Let Catalytic manage the cross-departmental, multi-step process of ensuring all revenue and expenses are reconciled and posted to the General Ledger so that monthly financial statements can be completed.

  • Quarterly reporting

    Catalytic can pull data from relevant systems, compile it in a spreadsheet and send to each stakeholder across the company.

  • Invoice approvals

    Catalytic can help usher one-off invoices through the approval process, communicating with vendors on status and filing the appropriate documentation away in shared folders when complete.

Case Study

Accounts Receivable Reconciliation for a Telecommunications Provider

Old Process

This team lacked a formal, consistently run AR reconciliation process. The AR team would run reports and reach out to account managers on an ad-hoc basis, but even this effort took nearly a full day for someone to complete because of all the tedious sorting and manual email sending.

New Process

The new Catalytic process ingests a file of all accounts, looking for those with past due balances. It then utilizes Pushbot to automatically generate emails to those with past due balances, inquiring on status of payment. Depending on the number of days payment is outstanding, the email either gets routed to the account manager or the account manager’s boss. That party can then enter comments or updates into a form which Pushbot automatically routes back to the AR team.

Benefits gained

This process now runs on a weekly basis and provides a consistent, simple means for the AR team to reconcile overdue balances.