Financial institutions are under pressure to keep up with customer expectations on speed and quality of service while balancing rigorous regulations. Allow your team to meet customer needs with ease by taking a modern, agile approach to your recurring business processes.


  1. Automation of routine data pulls and report creation.
  2. Intelligent routing and escalation of customer communications.
  3. Historical log of all user and system activity, providing easy access for audits.
  • Vendor management

    Catalytic can request information, score your vendors and route key items through decision makers, all while keeping important parties in the loop. Imagine – all the pesky back-end work it takes to get them up and running… Automated.

  • Compliance

    Catalytic can run and document your business processes in a way that makes them easily accessible to regulators during your audits, alleviating your team from days or weeks of looking for and pulling files.