Bogged down by legacy systems and point solutions, any effort to overhaul and renew simple business processes sometimes feels unreachable. Modernize and streamline your business workflows without tearing up your foundational software architecture, with an agile tool that layers on top of your existing structure.


  1. Automation of follow-ups and transport of information, reducing handoffs
  2. Increased visibility of the status of processes, ushering them toward quicker completion
  3. Historical log of all user and system activity, providing easy access for audits
  • Acquisition Process Management

    Catalytic can manage the RFP release and question period, handle incoming RFPs, populate information from bids in your internal systems, route that information through decision makers, validate the contract award and provide vendor updates.

  • Compliance

    Catalytic can help manage changing regulations by reminding users to complete required training, monitoring progress and helping identify users who are out of compliance.

  • New Hire & Contractor Onboarding

    Catalytic can automate desk assignments, systems access, distribution of personnel onboarding documents and handbooks and provide employees with information critical to job performance.