1. Accurate and up to date employee information across all your systems.
  2. Faster and more accurate onboarding and offboarding processes.
  3. Less administrative burden, so your team can better serve the needs of the organization.
  • Box

    Catalytic can upload and download files from shared folders in Box, which can be sent and completed by both internal and external users.

  • Dropbox

    Catalytic can download files from your team’s shared folders on Dropbox, allowing you to easily send documents for completion, then upload and store the returned form into Dropbox.

  • Slack

    Catalytic can be triggered to automatically announce new hires in a designated Slack channel. This allows employees to stay up to date on new team members, the position they are filling and when their start date is.

Use cases

  • Employee onboarding

    Catalytic can automate your onboarding workflow, ensuring critical information is captured in a timely manner, systems are set up and the new hire is communicated with regularly along the way.

  • Employee offboarding

    Catalytic can gather, process and store employee termination documents, and also ensure the return of company equipment such as keys and laptops, eliminating loopholes that could cause the company harm.

  • New hire interview process

    Catalytic can gather, send and store information from the candidate, retrieve feedback from interviewers and ensure next steps are completed in a timely fashion.

Case Study

Performance Reviews for a Safety and Certification Company

Old Process

Previously, reviews were performed on an annual basis between the manager and employee. The company saw the value in and wanted to move toward a more “in the moment” type of feedback process, but didn’t have a tool in place to help them facilitate it.

New Process

With Catalytic, the company instituted a new process that facilitated ad-hoc, in the moment feedback from manager to employee, employee to manager and peer to peer. A simple web form accessible by everyone ensures feedback gets to the recipient and his or her manager as it happens. In addition, monthly and annual summaries are sent to management, which they review with employees.

Benefits gained

The company was finally able to convert to a consistent feedback process without any additional manual overhead. Both employees and managers are empowered to provide in the moment feedback to anyone else in the company as it happens, so that performance can be celebrated or adjusted at the time when it’s most appropriate to address it.