1. Easy maintenance of routine software certifications or updates.
  2. Quick and efficient deployment of software access to new employees.
  3. A more productive team that gets to spend more time on improving your system architecture.
  • Dropbox

    Catalytic can create, edit and then upload documentation to designated shared team folders to ensure proper visibility across the organization.

  • Slack

    Catalytic can make automated announcements to select channels, notifying teams of important changes or updates.

Use cases

  • Provision new users on systems

    Let Catalytic take care of making sure new users get access to all the right systems in the right order before their first day on the job.

  • Update certificates

    Catalytic can be scheduled to follow up on and execute many of the steps to renew software security certificates before they expire.

Case Study

Provisioning new users on systems for Catalytic (yes, us!)

Old Process

Before we put this in place, onboarding new people meant a flurry of emails across the company, trying to remember who was the administrator for what systems and determining on the fly who should get access to what.

New Process

Naturally, we now run our entire recruiting process through our product. Once the Formal Offer for Employment process is completed, it triggers the start of our Onboard New Employee process, which branches out to separate department-specific processes where access to systems is assigned to the administrators of each tool, ensuring everything is complete before the new employee walks in for their first day.

Benefits gained

Onboarding a new employee is now a repeatable, easy to follow process. Access to systems happens in the correct order, accountability for each step is maintained inside Catalytic and all new employees start their first day on the team with everything they need to hit the ground running.