1. Automation of routine cyclical tasks like preparing for executive meetings or doing vendor performance reviews.
  2. Easy data maintenance across systems, removing the need for tedious and costly lookup of information
  3. More productive, happier operations teams that spend more time on actionable work instead of the administrative tasks leading up to it.
  • Google Drive

    To eliminate manual data entry, Catalytic can add new information to a Google Sheet’s row based on material provided.

  • Dropbox

    Catalytic can create, edit and then upload documentation to designated shared team folders to ensure proper visibility across the organization.

  • Netsuite

    Catalytic can look up, create and edit customer and account information inside Netsuite.

Use cases

  • Management of vendor scorecards

    Catalytic can automate your entire vendor performance review process, from sending the scorecards to capturing improvement plans.

  • Quarterly reporting

    Let Catalytic pull information from your key systems and spreadsheets, compile it into a report and then it send out to company leadership prior to the meeting.

  • Facilitate warranty replacements

    Catalytic can review customer service requests, identify warranty-eligible items and then create the warranty order inside your ERP system.

Case Study

Warranty Replacements for a Major Lifestyle Accessory Business

Old Process

Previously a team member had to manually sift through emails, respond to customers individually, with lots of back and forth to get the information needed before he could set up the replacement order in Netsuite.

New Process

The new Catalytic process scans emails coming into Outlook to determine whether they are regular support cases or a warranty return. If a return, Pushbot sends a form to the customer to fill out, facilitates reviews and approvals and then creates a replacement order in Netsuite.

Benefits gained

This process allowed the existing team member to focus on higher value work, and also prevented the business from hiring another person to handle all the manual tasks.