1. Consistent processes that ensure no important deals are inadvertently dropped.
  2. Shorter sales cycles, by cutting out unnecessary back and forth.
  3. High impact sales teams who have been alleviated of the tactical aspect of relationship management.
  • Outlook

    Catalytic can move emails from one folder to another, such as a shared folder, for improved organization.

  • Netsuite

    Catalytic can look up, create and edit customer and account information inside Netsuite.

  • Salesforce

    Catalytic can start processes when new deals are added or changed, as well as create and edit opportunities.

Use cases

  • Screen and qualify inbound leads

    Catalytic can perform an in-depth lookup of a contact or company, providing sales reps with critical information about the viability of the lead before any contact is made.

  • Manage follow-ups and handoffs across sales process

    Let Catalytic automate follow-up notifications and emails, keeping open deals top of mind. Pushbot can also help automate the handoffs between sales, account executives and customer service teams with ease.

  • Catalytic can collect company and executive information, fill out the document, send it out for e-signature and then upload the executed version to a company Box or Dropbox folder.

Case Study

Deal Follow-up for a Safety and Certification Company

Old Process

Previously, tons of stagnant deals were left untouched and money left on the table because there wasn’t a simple way to identify stale opportunities that should be easy wins.

New Process

The new Catalytic process reaches out to team members who have not closed deals in seven days and ensures they close the deal.

Benefits gained

This process has resulted in thousands of additional dollars in realized revenue because the deals are no longer outstanding. When rolled out to the entire team at large, the dollar impact is expected to increase 10x.