People-friendly automation.

Smart workflow
Automate tasks
Connect systems
Machine learning
Visibility & data

Coordinate your workflow across people, bots, and AI with tasks, reminders, and follow-ups.

Coordinate your workflow across people, bots, and AI with tasks, reminders, and follow-ups.

Automate manual tasks such as collecting/processing data and reviewing/generating documents.

Wrangle data to and from your systems using pre-built connectors, APIs, SFTP, or browser automation.

Automates cognitive tasks such as classification, prediction and pattern detection.

Real-time visibility into your processes and generate full, clean data.

Rapid results with our end-to-end automation platform

Let people be people, and machines be machines

Meet Pushbot, your new teammate

What’s a Pushbot? It’s an enterprise software bot that represents the process, keeps your team on track, and takes on many low-value tasks. The world needs Pushbot!

People in the loop

With a tagline like people-friendly, you can be sure that our platform is designed to allow people to participate in processes and help out when things go wrong.

Automation in the cloud

Catalytic is built from the ground up as a SaaS platform that is fast to implement, less expensive to maintain, and focused on enhancing how people, bots and AI work together.

Empower your business users

Catalytic empowers the everyday, front-line business user. When we design our platform, we’re channeling Excel.


We built Catalytic with AI in mind, and as a result, have made some fundamentally different design decisions. We use AI within the application, to automate cognitive actions, and to help with continuous improvement.

Ready for enterprise.

Benefits before costs.

We want you to see the benefits before you pay us. We know you’ll love Catalytic and we’ll prove it to you. Our enterprise services group will help you with everything you’ll need to get started, and more importantly, keep going.