Catalytic guides your team efficiently through business processes, automates mundane tasks, and provides real-time visibility into your operations.
Catalytic is built from the ground up as an AI-native, SaaS platform that is fast to implement, less expensive to maintain, and focused on enhancing how people and AI work together.

Imagine if
improving quality, accuracy, and efficiency
was actually…simple and quick.

All your systems talked to one another and exchanged data freely.

Out-of-the-box integrations made it easy to connect your systems into your processes.

Manual, labor-intensive tasks were taken off your team’s plate.

Pre-built actions made it easy to automate mundane work and use AI within your processes.

Everyone knew the status of work and who was responsible for completing what.

People, bots, and systems interacted to get work done better.

See exactly how it works:


What more could your team achieve if we freed up their time spent on the mundane? Can they get work done better?

We can’t wait to help you find out.

“Processes are the lifeblood of business. The Catalytic platform enables an effective and intuitive way to orchestrate and automate them.”

– Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Safety and Certification Company

“Catalytic increases our efficiency and keeps us accountable, which are the best things I can ask for from a partnership.”

– Neil Block,